Jaxcent – AJAX Programing on JAVA

Jaxcent: Java-only AJAX programming.

    Server side framework.
    Control web-pages directly from Java!

Jaxcent provides a Java framework and API for doing AJAX programming.

Jaxcent works with any servlet-capable Java application servers, can be configured to connect directly to IIS or Apache web servers, or can be run stand-alone using the included web-server.

Jaxcent programmers do not need to work in JavaScript: Jaxcent only requires the addition of a single JavaScript include statement to HTML content. Yet in Jaxcent programming JavaScript can be taken full advantage of, if desired.

Jaxcent provides features to simplify writing Web applications in Java. It provides access to the session and application context for using various server-side programming metaphors. Jaxcent can make form-data saving and retrieving to/from the session entirely automatic.

Jaxcent can be used for adding dynamic AJAX features to existing web applications. The existing applications can continue to work as usual, and individual pages can be Jaxcent-enabled one at a time, as needed.

Unlike earlier Java-AJAX models, in Jaxcent programming the full server environment is directly available for normal programmatic access, making AJAX programming very straightforward.

Instead of attempting to provide all possible rich client user-interfaes, Jaxcent philosophy is to do one thing – AJAX – well, and to keep integration with 3rd party components easy. Jaxcent allows users to integrate their own preferred and “best of breed” 3rd party components! (Some examples of such integrations are available on the samples page.)

Jaxcent is open-source, and provided under a BSD open-source license.

To see a few Jaxcent samples, please visit the samples page.

Jaxcent is available for download at the download page.

Jaxcent documentation is available at the documentation page for review. It is also included in the download.

An online tutorial for Jaxcent is available at http://www.jaxtut.com/.

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