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  1. Saya ada masalah dalam konfigurasi Gammu v1.29.0. Create service Gammu berhasil namun saat menjalankan service, error code nya 1060 :The specified service does not exist as an installed service.
    Sebelumnya error code yang tampil 1053 tetapi setelah -f 0 dihilangkan melalui regedit tampil error code 1060.
    Yang kedua,saat command, gammu-smsd -c smsdrc, tampil message, gammu–smsd[2164]:MYSQL service is deprecated. Please use SQL service with correct driver.
    gammu–smsd[2164]:MYSQL service was not compiled in! Failed to read config: Desired functionality has been disabled on compile time.
    Selanjutnya,saat command, gammu –smsd -MYSQL smsdrc, tampil message, Error: SMS Daemon is now in separate binary, please use gammu–smsd instead of
    Mohon pencerahannya.

  2. @agan ichwal:
    sudah ane respon di “http://cybercatzone.net/index.aspx/konfigurasi-gammu-versi-baru-1-27-90/comment-page-12/#comment-833”
    silaken ditanggapi 😉

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